Articles & Editorials: CCU Happenings #2

It’s been quite a while since the first edition of ‘CCU Happenings’ and a lot has happened since then. I am going to split this article up into three parts:

  1. The Games
  2. The Community
  3.  What’s Coming Up Next?

1. The Games

Well the two that are currently causing the most news are Yuri’s Revenge and Emperor: Battle For Dune. With Emperor’s release and medium to good reviews being the view of the critics much of the pre-release hype has died down now and many Dune websites are commenting on how quiet the Dune scene is at the moment. With the secret units now unlocked Emperor’s future seems to be lying with its popularity on Westwood Online and if it’s possible to modify it. With it being a 3D RTS the amount of modification that can be carried out is much less than RA2 or TS but no doubt someone will find a way. I must confess to not owning the game as of yet but I hope to get it soon. There were also quite a few problems with it for people who had certain systems but turning off advanced features or getting the latest patches can fix many of those problems. I will be commenting more on the Dune scene in the next issue round up.

Yuri’s Revenge has been dominating the news with unit information, official chats and interviews all coming out at a fast pace. I attended the official chat held by Westwood and a lot of questions were answered although some of them didn’t produce new information. Yuri’s Revenge is apparently going to Westwood’s ‘Biggest Ever’ expansion and with all the pre release hype it would certainly seem to be living up to that expectation. With the promise of even missions ‘on the moon’ it really would be a crime if Westwood got it wrong, but hopefully that won’t be the case. Time will tell whether Yuri’s Revenge is just a few extra missions or almost a whole new game.

The Renegade scene is trickling information out as usual but nothing spectacular is being said. What Renegade sites and fans really need now is a release date, as that would no doubt liven it up a bit. Renegade at the moment seems to be progressing as usual with Chris R coming out every once in a while saying he got a play and the Renegade ‘Rewind’ feature is an interesting way of keeping the fans interested. At the moment though its obvious that Westwood are trying to keep the fans concentrated on Yuri’s Revenge, which is no doubt a sign that we won’t be seeing Renegade for quite a time yet.

2. The Community

Well how’s the scene in the community? The answer is good and certainly much better than around the time I wrote my last article. The TumSun resignations are now all truly behind us and the beast that we know as the community is slowly moving on. New sites are springing up all over the place and some are making it big quickly which can only be a good thing as the days of two or three sites being the big ones and all the others being the less significant are now very much over. Westwood are starting to communicate more with the community and people now seem to generally have a much more positive view which three or four months ago was very much the opposite. With two – four more C&C games guaranteed the future for the community is looking very bright and the community is certainly not dying, even though there is still work to be done to get it up to scratch.

3. What’s Coming Up Next?

Well Yuri’s Revenge and, eventually, Renegade and much further on Earth And Beyond and dare I mention it but maybe even Tiberian Twilight. Not wanting to go to far ahead the first two should be hopefully out this year/early next year and Yuri’s Revenge should provide plenty of scope for Mod’s and new Maps. The expansion possibilities of Renegade will no doubt be unknown until the game is released as I very much doubt Westwood will release an engine editor. Earth And Beyond which should be coming in two to three years time will either be a big hit or a huge flop. If it’s the latter then Westwood will be in big trouble as Huge Multiplayer Games aren’t cheap to produce and run. I will be writing an article soon considering the possibilities of Tiberian Twilight and maybe what to expect. From somewhere someone has said that there will be a Red Alert 3 as Westwood owns the domain but I can imagine it will be a while before, if there is going to be one, we are going to here anything.

That’s if for this issue. More Soon!

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