Articles & Editorials: CCU Happenings #1

Now before I start I just want to get across the point that I am not taking sides in anyway at all. In my view the CCU (Command & Conquer Universe) has just gone through a rocky patch with the MadHosts situation (more on that later) but now it looks like things are settling down and hopefully these recent worries will be forgotten with the many new games on the horizon. Now I’m going to give my view on a few recent community happenings and views.

I suppose having worked there I have to comment on the TumSun situation. Many have asked me what really happened behind closed doors at TumSun and the answer really is very simply: nothing. That was the problem, no one really knew who still worked there and what was going on. That’s why in the end it was decided enough was enough and that it was time to move on. I understand that the owner is trying to get it back up and running again. All I can say is that it will take a lot more than news updates and a POTD to get the site back to its old self.

Moving On. There has been much debate recently after the closure of MadHosts about free hosting for gaming sites. More and more sites that offer free hosting are disappearing and this in the end could lead to only sites with people who have large wallets remaining. If this is the case then it’s a sad situation and could lead to more problems. Many have said that Westwood should do something about this but without a lot of money being spent I am unsure about how practical this solution would be.

The situation on the Games front is looking bright with Yuri’s Revenge, Emperor: Battle For Dune and Renegade all slowly emerging with the usual amount of pre release screenshots, interviews and news rolling in. With rumours abound it looks set to be a full on in the next few months and with E3 now very close that is sure to bring some surprises with it. One of the best times in my view is just before Games are released because that’s when the community is buzzing with activity. Often when games are released the community quietens down and look what happened when TS came out.

Here at things are looking good. Even though the recent departure of Marshalus from RAR was quite a shock (and while I have the chance good luck for the future Marshalus) many good things are happening. Our content team is working hard on updating the Renegade and RA2 sections and we should hopefully have a few more articles soon. The Rated Links section is now up and running once more so if you own a CNC orientated site and would like it rated then head on over here now! If you have any suggestions for the site then don’t hesitate to use the feedback form as feedback is always appreciated.

Well that’s it for now. Hope to have more soon!

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