Articles & Editorials: C&C – The End of a Generation

For many months, The C&C community has been waiting and wondering. We have all awaited and anticipated news of a new C&C, whether Tiberian Twilight, or Red Alert 3. But do you ever stop and think to yourself, it may not happen? Forums have lost regular members, daily news bulletins have become littered with old reading, hopes have been lost, and dreams have been forgotten.

As the years have gone by, the Command & Conquer generation has had its ups and downs. We were all satisfied with the beginning, with Tiberian Dawn, as the life of being a commander started. Sure, only about 25 percent of the community actually started with the original C&C 95, but it is now remembered as the birthstone of a decade of great work.

But, as great work goes on, it is rarely continued as long as some people would like. New ideas are formed, and interests turn to other options as trends and interests change. Ideas are exhausted, and although some remain dedicated fans forever, most lose interest as the years go by.

Occasionally, there are new mods released, new news about certain games comes out, and we all get a fraction of what we want: A new game. Which brings me to my point.

What if we really don’t get what we all are hoping for?

What if Red Alert 3 never comes out? What if Tiberian Twilight never is to come?

What if it is just another game that we are all disappointed in?

We were all awaiting Generals, and then were not satisfied, and, what if the same happens?

After the work of Westwood and EA Games for ten years, with all elements of war put into their work; with C&C and Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, and Red Alert 2, Generals, Yuri’s Revenge, Covert Operations, Aftermath, Renegade… Ideas run out, and communities become split, and memories are forgotten…

Mods and map editors are the only thing that we have so far that delays the inevitable: the end of the C&C series. We all know it will come, yet, we can’t bear to admit it. We can all hide it with Empire at War, and Battle For Middle Earth, but we know the end of the generation will come.

When a new game comes out, if one ever does, it will probably be the end. Sadly, it even brings tears to my eyes to admit that, but we all know it will happen. C&C has had all ideas exhausted, and we will all see an end… It will be something that happens overnight, but the end will come… Soon… And then, when it does, this will all be forgotten…

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