Articles & Editorials: An Ally to EALA

Well, I decided to support EALA. I know I will get some controversy with this one too, but, here I go.

I always hear complaints that the new C&C will never come. I also hear from people that they hate EALA, with no good reason. I hear everybody saying that EA is doing nothing for us, and that we should forget it. There are two things I find wrong with this picture. 1: These people don’t have any connection whatsoever to EA games, except a damn forum. 2: These people also seem to continue to play the game anyway.

Sure, you idiots can easily say, it’s cause you like the C&C franchise. You follow them for that. But, why do that, if you don’t think they’re making another game? You all think that one person who releases ONE bit of info to us is a hero at EA. You assume that they are trying to sneak info to the community. Then, when you hear of something happening to them, you assume that they have been kicked from their job. But you don’t know that. You assume everything, and grow off of it. You all just ASSUMED Red Alert 3 would come. They said it was a concept that might come about, but they never stated that yes, it would be sure to be released.

EA is dedicated to their work. You can easily come up with GREAT reasons they aren’t, but have you thought about the reasons why they are? No! Because you don’t care about those reasons at all! AT ALL! Aaron is right. You are all ranting, and it’s not going to make his work, or EA’s work easier at all. If anything, it will make it harder. You are probably depressing them.

Think back to the past. Remember Yuri’s Revenge? Remember Generals, and Zero Hour, and how you are all complaining that you hate them, because EA screwed them up? I know there are people who say that and still play the game. Why? Because they really indeed LIKE the game. You just don’t like EA, so you start ranting about it anyway. And you know what this does? It makes them take longer to release a game, because you make them feel they need to PERFECT the damn game. So they take longer designing, and they take longer to make it. They take more time to put a ridiculous amount of quality into it, therefore wasting all possibility for an expansion, because you wouldn’t be able to improve a “perfect” game.

Leave EA alone. Let them do their work. You don’t even know what you’re complaining about, yet you rant, and complain anyway. I’ve heard my fair share about what goes on there from many of you. I know how you all feel, but taking it out on one company won’t do anything. Did you all care when Sega went out of business? No. Did you all care about when the Sony technology pretty much obliterated Nintendo? No. Westwood is just in the same position. You all want to preserve Westwood, but it’s over. It’s not coming back. Go support the Petroglyph if you have that much time on your hands. But don’t go pushing it all on a company that is working it’s butt off to try and entertain you. That’s right, they’re doing whatever they can to entertain your greedy soul. And have you thought about how they feel? No. It’s all about You, you, YOU.

Tell me, how do you think you’d feel if EALA went out of business, because all of you complain about them? What if you just boycotted all their C&C work? Then would you be happy? No Westwood, no more EA, no more C&C. Period. So shut up, and let them do their work.

Well, another painful ending to these EA articles. And, another one of my short articles, but come on, open up your eyes.

And EA, specifically to you, I’m willing to wait, and I’m willing to take whatever you have to offer. So, take your time, and thanks for what you’ve done so far.

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