Articles & Editorials: Against Rushes

On forums everywhere, whether it’s C&C, or even Starcraft and Warcraft, you will always hear about strategies in the games, preferably multiplay. People talk about which unit is best for a certain situation, or they might talk about what to do if something starts attacking you, or it could be about build order, but the main thing you will always hear people talking about are rushes. Lots and lots of rushes.

Why do people use them? All the time, I am in multiplay*, and I will always see prism rushes, apoc rushes, siege chopper rushes, or rocketeer rushes. It drives me insane? What ever happened to strategy? I try building special task forces to take care of certain jobs, and all of a sudden, bwa boom! There goes my nuclear reactor, due to the fact that somebody just sent in 50+ rocketeers.

You know, I have yet to be beaten by something other than a rush. Usually it’s air units, and I’ve tried building tons of patriots, or flak cannons, or GGI’s or whatever the hell you could think of against air units, and when there’s a gazillion everywhere, and the computer is only smart enough to target the first one in range, and basically only one unit every 5 seconds, that can get pretty annoying. I could easily rush in, but whenever I do, for some dumb reason, the other people always quit out, or I just feel it isn’t in my nature to do it in the first place.

Once again, what ever happened to strategy? Why can’t I ever have a game, where people actually garrison buildings, or hide snipers behind trees, or actually create more than just one kind of unit? I have yet to see anyone send in attack dogs, or robot tanks, or something that actually seems reasonable to have fun with.

So, I even go as far as grounding rocketeers, and just giving them different weapons, or reducing the allowed number of tanks on the battlefield. And do I get a fun, strategic game? No. I get 3 other people who do nothing but complain about how boring it is. How constricting it is. How n00by I am. Just because I supposedly can’t take on about 1923471297 units at one time, I am a noob.

And then, what really bugs me, is when someone says “No rush for 15 minutes” so they can build up their army. So I send in one harrier, or one measly tank to scout their area, and they assume I am rushing, and they call me a n00b once again. They get angry cause they have not yet gotten enough tech to build a gap generator to hide their huge army, thinking I wont see it coming. But, it’s already obvious that they are building some sort of huge army, and so when they see me build a mega load of prism towers or patriot missiles for defence, they accuse me of cheating, thinking I can see everything they are doing.

I don’t even need to see them to know what they are doing… because it’s always the same…

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