Articles & Editorials: A New Hope for the Community

After the release of TS, the community had some hard times. There was no more news to cover. People were disappointed by TS because of all the promised features that were left out. Firestorm and Renegade kept the community alive, but for a little while even I was beginning to think that the C&C community would never be as prosperous as it was during the pre-release days of TS.

Then, two days ago exactly, Westwood publicly unveiled their newest work of genius; Red Alert II, a project which has remained secret since it’s beginning. Over the last month or so the possibility of Red Alert II was a hot topic, after some information leaked from Westwood, no doubt. The Red Alert II project may have remained secret until a few weeks before it’s release, had the fans not found out about the project. At any rate, Red Alert II and the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo(E3) are providing an opportunity for the community to be restored to it’s previous greatness.

However, I am worried that if Red Alert II was not meant to be announced this soon, maybe the same thing will happen to RA2 as happened to TS. The game was announced too soon, so in order to keep the fans busy, Westwood had to release bits and pieces of info, some of which never made it into the game, disappointing fans(TS was still good though) and weakening the community. Then again, there is the possibility that WW was planning on announcing the game this soon, or at E3. Some comforting information is that there are already screenshots of the game, meaning that it is at least halfway through development.

I have faith in WW and I believe they will come through on this one. Look at the graphics on the screenshots. They are better than the TS graphics! It’s hard to believe that RA2 uses the same game engine as RA did. Never have I seen such creative graphics in an RTS game.

This is one of the reasons I already think RA2 will be a big success. The three things that make an RTS game good are it’s strategies, it’s graphics, and it’s storyline. Of course, we all know that a good storyline is a given when we’re talking about Westwood. But I still hope there’s no giant ants.

Westwood knows that if RA2 is not good, they will lose many costumers. But I believe they will not make the same mistake twice. RA2 will be good, you can count on that. And it will bring strength back to the community.

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