Will Prevail

Sonic, the founder and lead webmaster of this site, has chosen to step down.  Rather than let the site disappear into the abyss, he has generously allowed me to maintain the website.  What does this mean?

I, Zee Hypnotist, have returned to  Sort of.  I am here mostly in spirit and to ensure that CNCNZ stays alive in one way or another.  Plokite_Wolf and Nmenth will remain as the admins who actually keep the site running, while I support them in any way I can.

Rest assured, you do not need to worry about archiving everything just yet, we will ensure that CNCNZ remains online, though there may be a temporary period of disruption while we transfer everything to (yet another) server host.

And to Sonic, we, the community, thank you for your 19 years of keeping this site alive.  Should you ever wish to return, your legacy will always remain.

Long live CNCNZ!

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