Game Night #3


It’s time for another game night! The intent is to make a multiplayer event for our forum members and followers, one where we’d just have fun with a chosen game or mod, without worrying of getting destroyed from higher-skilled players if we didn’t want it so. So here’s our chance of chilling out and playing C&C together.

We will be playing Kane’s Wrath via C&C:Online on Saturday, 30 December 2017 at 18:00 GMT. Information, rules, and links to guides to set up your game are in this thread. Be sure to prepare your game before the event!

Due to technical issues on my end (the host) and the end of a confirmed player, this will be postponed for a week or two, but will be on a Friday not to conflict with GameReplays tournaments which are already scheduled for weekends until the end of March.

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