Tiberium Alliances Contest Entry

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Description: Some GDI soldiers need some resources.

About this episode: Technically, this isn’t part of the C&C Legos series, but it is a stop motion video and it relates to Command & Conquer, so I figure I might as well put it here. I made this video for a contest being held by an EA studio representing Tiberium Alliances. The contest was basically “submit Tiberium Alliances artwork,” so this was my artwork. Normally when it came to contests related to C&C, I would usually stay away from them, because of the fact that I was one of the admins for a C&C fansite. One of the side effects of that was that we would already get some perks of our own. A direct line to EA, occasional trips to Los Angeles, that kind of thing. In this case, though, the only prize for this contest was some minor recognition on some barely-visited forums. No real physical prize, so I wasn’t taking anything from anyone by winning. And, well, to be honest, this entry won the contest.

At the time, the game was still in a beta stage of sorts. The only teams available were GDI, and thus you could only attack other GDI players. For the most part, I’m sure you get the idea from the video.