C&C Legos: Season 5 – Episode 6

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Description: Who would win in a gun fight? The Commando, or Seth? It’s a shame we’ll never find out.

About this episode: The final episode (officialy) of the series. I had to make this episode bigger than any episode I had built before. I’d like to think I succeeded, though let’s be realistic, some of the other episodes were just as amazing. The season finale for season four was probably the crown jewel, but this one was decent as well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get Eric Gooch back to once-again reprise his role as Seth. I was also able to get Derek, a friend on skype, to take the role of a Commando. The first episode where Seth and a commando are in the same area, and I didn’t even think to have a fight scene between them. Though honestly, a fight between them would have implied one of them would win or lose, and I didn’t want to sway too far from the reality of the game storylines.

All in all, I was pleased with this. It involved a lot of photoshop to clean certain scenes up, it involved quite a bit of choreography, and it involved a few re-writes of the script as I was taking pictures. I’m sure I made a few mistakes here or there like I typically do at least once per episode, but the end result was fantastic.

And of course, we had the return of the basketball, and the Allied soldier who was sent into space about nine episodes before. Full closure to everything I could think of. I was proud of this release.

But one thing that bugged me… Was that officer suddenly scottish? I still can’t figure out what the hell I was thinking.