C&C Legos: Season 5 – Episode 5

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Description: As if GDI couldn’t make things any worse…

About this episode: Ahh, yes. The bank robbery episode. Full of confusion, and a general lack of ideas. In my personal opinion, this is the worst episode of the season. It still had its positive moments, but I just, Idunno, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like making it, I didn’t like voicing it, I didn’t like releasing it. If there’s one episode I could completely strike from the more modern (post third season) series, I’d get rid of this one. I think Dr. Mobius is the only thing that redeems this episode. He could have had some better (crazier) hair though.

Little bit of a gaff with the wording between some of the voices. One of the issues with having several voice actors is they don’t always understand the context between some of their lines, even if they have it in text form. This leads to some people’s voices sounding strange, or the emphasis being on the wrong words. When one of the characters says something like “Nod is red? I thought they were supposed to be white!” the response is “I thought the UN was supposed to be white.” But it’s said in such a strange manner that it’s hard to understand the purpose of their conversation. Issues like this stand out, and it’s one of those small things that I wish I would have fixed in production, and later, I always regret not fixing.

Methelyne Chloride. I forget what that actually does.

Another thing I wound up doing later in the series is reducing swear words. In the first season, I used words like “fuck” and “shit” more frequently, but in this episode (and others), the characters say “crap” instead. This is in response to someone getting extremely offended at the language at one point, and me deciding that based on the fact that the original game doesn’t have swear words like that, I might as well leave them out too. Just a personal preference, I guess.