C&C Legos: Season 5 – Episode 4

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Description: On a serious note, I wonder how practical these Tiberium weapons even are. Are Tiberium bullets really stronger than just regular bullets?

About this episode: To be honest, I started to see some of the same problems I have seen with previous seasons. I wasn’t exactly sure what direction to go in, and I really had infinite possiblities, because of the fact that I didn’t need to adhere to a specific timeline. It’s hard to remain fresh and unique when you’re 30something episodes into a series that is basically about the same concept.

The bright side is, I was able to explore concepts and ideas that I thought would have been fun in retrospect for the first season. I was also able to use more materials from Renegade, as you can clearly see with characters like the officer. I also tried to figure out ways that Nod could beat the enemy without just flat out killing them. There’s more than one episode in this series when the conflict isn’t resolved through flat out combat. In a later episode, one of the fights ends without a single shot fired at all.

I also liked the idea of Nod being devious and sneaky, doing things that made them seem stupid or unaware, just to completely obliterate the enemy in the end.

The Silo’s Needed joke was also somewhat of a reference to C&C 3, but it applies to pretty much any of the games with a silo restriction.