C&C Legos: Season 5 – Episode 1

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Description: A brotherhood of gangsters. I bet this takes place in New York. Where’s Kurt Russel when you need him?

About this episode: It took a lot of internal debate, but I finally decided on returning to the first season, sort of. I wanted to redo the Tiberium era from scratch, but I didn’t want to plain redo the first six episodes. It was a tough goal to pull off, mainly because at this point, I was creating episodes that didn’t already have a pre-written timeline. In the first four seasons, I was following the timelines of the first four C&C games. In this season, I was creating my own. Fortunately, it was reasonably successful. I wouldn’t say it was the best season, but I think overall, it had better results than I expected.

I brought in more voice actors throughout this season, too. Plokite Wolf was more than willing, but I was trying to detract from the Soviet / Russian appearance. I had a guy Brian do some characters, but unfortunately, I just didn’t feel like his voice was a good fit for the seriousness of the series. Eventually, others came forward. Some worked out, others did not.

AZ-Stalker over at the forums came up with the design for the Nod characters. Frankly, I think they looked amazing, he came up with the look for his own creations, but I felt it was the perfect look for the Brotherhood. I wound up sticking with the appearance for other projects, and I might very well use it again in the future.