C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 5

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Description: Uh oh. The timer on that nuclear missile is counting down, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

About this episode: Did you see the ore drill? I made that in ceramics class. It broke promptly after this episode, I don’t even know how. I just got home one day and it was broken. I blame the rats.

I got yet another female voice for Tanya in this case. I had a total of four voice actresses, and this one was the most interested in the voice acting. She had experience working with her own game team at one point, so she was totally down for the job. Unfortuantely, for future episodes, she was unavailable for recording.

Heather, my wife, designed the top of the Soviet barracks. It took her about an hour or two to make it look perfect, thankfully she didn’t mind me toppling it over and destroying it. I mean, I basically had to do the same thing with all my other creations. When I built the power plant in this episode and the Battle Lab in the second episode, I always felt horrible that I had to destroy my own work, but obviously, it was necessary for the creation of future episodes.

That poor spy. It occurred to me while making this episode that the spies in the game are never recovered, they just spy and disappear. Were they hiding in those buildings? Did they get killed right after stealing intelligence, like that one mission in Red Alert 1? I had to do something about him. It just felt necessary.