C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 4

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Description: Yuri is being kind of a jerk right now. I hope he doesn’t go rogue and start his own team, or something like that.

About this episode: Building the terror drone was a bit of work. I spent probably a good hour taking groups of pictures and uploading in small batches to see how different walking methods looked. It’s hard to simulate four legs walking while trying to maintain the balance of the drone between pictures. In the end, it turned into a sort of bouncing creature, which frankly, looked kind of cute. It also didn’t stand out too much as looking completely unrealistic and strange.

I loved the crates. The crates showed a perfect example of what happens when you’re playing and you see a crate. The PC accidentally grabs a crate, and it gets an Apocalypse tank. You grab one and your weakest unit is promoted. It never failed.

Ahahah. They shot Yuri in the nipples. I was so badly hoping that nobody would notice that, but sure enough, one of the first Youtube comments pointed that out.