C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 3

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Description: Are you German? You finally get to see this episode! Unless you’re still trying to watch it on YouTube, of course. Oh, right, and the Soviets do something, or whatever. Just watch.

About this episode: I enjoyed this episode. It was loosely based on the Stealth episode in the first season, and more prominently based on the Soviet technology episode in the second season. And of course, it had to have a musical montage! This was yet another episode that was banned in Germany because of that. Youtube and Germany have a strange relationship whenever music is involved. I felt kind of bad, but it was really too late. I just uploaded the episode elsewhere. If you’re German and you’re here, you can finally watch the video in HTML5!

You might have noticed only two of the GI’s deployed at a time. The reason for that is I only bought two of the heavy machine guns they carried. I always had small little issues to deal with when it came to guns and soldiers. I was able to work around these issues with clever camera work or just better planning. One decent example of this is the group of nine Mirage tanks being teleported. I was able to just toss around some trees and have one tank appear to give the impression that it was nine mirage tanks. It was perfect, simple, clever, and enabled me to make the scene without building nine tanks.