C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 1

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Description: Looks like Tanya’s back. Think the Soviets can handle her this time? Nah, you’re right, probably not.

About this episode: This episode featured even more improvements. I shelled out a few bucks to purchase new minifigures and weapons. Now the Allied GI’s and Tanya could use newer, more sleek weapons. I intentionally chose weak-looking M-4’s for the GI’s, as they have pretty pathetic weaponry when they’re not deployed. Tanya even got herself some nice pistols. And hey, Tanya was voiced by an actual woman this time! What luck! She was voiced by a neighbor of mine who lived down the road. It took a little bit of convincing to get her to participate, but it was mostly because she never heard of any of these episodes and really had little knowledge of what she was even doing.

Red Alert 2, in general, had a more cartoony feel to it, and it had more of a comedic feel as a game, especially when you compare it to all previous Command & Conquer games. Because of this, it made it so much easier to fool around. It also felt good to make things feel more “colorful.” With brighter green soldiers on the Allied side, the colorful ore, the red Soviet buildings, everything just felt prettier. Altogether, I really enjoyed making this season, and every episode was a fun challenge.

I also had Plokite Wolf, another prominent member around the C&C community, voice most of the soviet voices. Occasionally I would throw in my own voice, but he was really good at creating convincing Soviet characters, and it helped to greatly improve the season (and series) overall.