C&C Legos Season 3 Return Teaser

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Description: This was the teaser released when I came back from an extended leave of absense and I was preparing for the return of C&C Legos.

About this episode: This is the return teaser that was released when I returned to CNCNZ.com, and it preceded Season 3, Episode 4. It was crudely built, I just wanted to have some kind of excitement teaser for people to watch while I was busy developing the next episode. It was also a way for me to practice my stop motion skills in the mean time, since it had been approximately four years since I’d even taken a picture. It’s not really meant to follow the storyline in any way, as it obviously features me trapped in a building in egypt.

I snuck in elements from C&C 1, Red Alert 1, and Tiberian Sun. Didn’t make much sense, but it worked out.