C&C Legos: Season 3 – Episode 6

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Description: Shit’s getting real when CABAL comes to town. I don’t know what could possibly stop a giant robot!

About this episode: This was the pivotal episode in the entire series. This episode is arguably one of my favorite episodes of the entire lot, as I nailed down so many issues that plagued the other episodes. I finally sped up the frame rate, I finally got HD Widescreen footage going, I did so many things to improve the quality, and with the funny story to go along with it, the whole episode turned out absolutely perfect. I would not go back to change anything.

Well… maybe I would change the Mammoth MK. I mean, I did have it firing out of the tiny machine guns out front, when it was supposed to be firing out of the huge cannons on the side. I mean, that was just pure ignorance on my part, there’s no going around that. Other than that though, it was great. McNeil was great, CABAL’s little LEGO face (created by Plokite Wolf) was great, the rotating ION cannon satellite feed looked great… I’m just so happy about this episode.

I was also happy to finally be able to create a Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge series. I had been waiting for years to finally do this.