C&C Legos: Season 3 – Episode 4

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Description: Finally, GDI got their hands on the Tacitus… or whatever that thing is supposed to be. Kane will not… will probably not stand for this.

About this episode: I’m going to be completely honest with you. When I made this episode, I had completely forgotten what the Tacitus looked like, and I didn’t bother taking the time to look it up. So, I just threw stuff together. I added a prop, some exhaust cups, you know, typical bullshit LEGO stuff when you’re just grabbing fancy pieces and putting them together. This was clearly the end result.

Ahh, yes, the engineer. The one character who was somehow always in front of the crowd, even though the character was slowed down in Tiberian Sun. It’s kind of funny how all of the characters and even the wolverine look pretty much exactly the same, even with a four year difference in episodes. I released the 3rd episode of this season in April or so of 2007. I released this episode in April of 2011. A lot of time had passed, and yet my characters and creations were still in the same condition as how I’d left them. In some boxes in my room back at home. I was pretty glad that my mom didn’t throw all this stuff out while I was gone.

As such, this was a new era of C&C Legos. For that matter, this is when we actually renamed the series “C&C Legos” instead of the previous “Tiberian Legos,” because I was moving onto themes that had nothing to do with Tiberium, and were more focused on C&C as a whole. Aside from that, I also bought a new 400 dollar camera, tripod, new clay, and later on, I started spending some hard money on new LEGO pieces. I was also older and mature enough to start really focusing on improving my LEGO animating abilities, and by the time we hit the fourth season, I had started editing individual pictures in Photoshop to really enhance the quality.

But after all that, guess what? I was still using Windows Movie Maker.