C&C Legos: Season 2 – Episode 5

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Description: The Allies have dominated the battlefield with their advanced technologies. The Soviets merely want to catch up!

About this episode: This episode was a fun episode to play around with. I figured that the style of episode allowed me to be as silly as I needed to be. I benefited greatly from my lack of ability to create solid lego creations, as I wanted the reds to make truly terrible inventions. I think my “stealth” tank was truly the piece d’resistance of this episode, it really held everything together.

Sometimes I wonder if it was the best idea to bring Steve Irwin into the mix. The episode was originally released about a year after his death, and I cared for him very much, but at the same time, it just felt like a spur of the moment decent joke. I mean, if he was still alive, I would have made that joke, and it wasn’t exactly insulting his death, so I think it was an appropriate choice. Not everyone shared the sentiment, though.