C&C Legos: Season 2 – Episode 4

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Description: The Soviet response to the Chronosphere is the Iron Curtain. The Allied response to the Iron Curtain is a bit of break-dancing.

About this episode: Throughout the series, there’s always a new threat of some kind on the battlefield. I’m trying to remember if that was ever actually said in any of the games, or if that’s just something I came up with and used way too much. Aside from that, this episode was my favorite to make from this season, mainly because of the joking around that I got to do. I tried to toss in a few smaller punchlines and little silly jabs, rather than focusing on any solid linearity of a story. Mean, come on, this episode was supposed to be about the iron curtain, yet it really had so little to do with the iron curtain.

During the fight, one of the characters shouts “Hillsdale Football Rules!” That’s a homeage to my own high school at the time. Also, the main reason I had one of them shoot the soviet in the head is because there was no way in hell I would have been able to animate a decent fist fight. I just didn’t know how.

The soviets really got the short end of the stick in general with this episode. That engineer was able to handle an attack dog like a champ.