C&C Legos: Season 2 – Episode 3

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Description: I wonder where that one Allied soldier went…

About this episode: Ahh, yes, the infamous Chrono-tech episode. I made this about a week after having just watched a documentary on the History channel about the Philadelphia experiment, which probably never happened. I was excited to see the history behind the chronosphere, so I set to work on making an episode about it. At the time, I genuinely believed everything to be factually true. Now, I’m old and smart enough to know better. Though I still like to believe it happened.

Making this episode and learning about the science also struck me with an odd fascination with Einstein. As the years passed, I enjoyed learning more about him, and I even had a silly dream about him once that almost spawned a stupid LEGO series that would have been named “Teenage Einstein.” I can not tell you how grateful I am to have not made that happen. Though, it probably would make a good cartoon. A good cartoon made by somebody else.