C&C Legos: Season 2 – Episode 1

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Description: The Soviets learn the true meaning of naval support. The Allies learn a thing or two about barrels.

About this episode: When I made this episode, I tried to pull another fancy trick with the timing of the music. Didn’t work out nearly as well.

I also clearly didn’t know enough about Hitler’s history, and for that matter, I don’t know what they’re saying in German. I cut some of the lines out from the game, so for all I know, their conversation is probably something like this:

Einstein: Hey Hitler!

Hitler: I don’t know how to donkey!


That medic was really inappropriate. I honestly did not attend for it to look like he was healing the guy with a blowjob. Also, how is my voice acting for Tanya? I didn’t know a single girl at the time that could do that voice for me, so I had to go about it on my own. I aced it. My voice acting for Einstein was spot-on, too.