C&C Legos: Season 1 – Episode 4

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Description: It’s time to rock and roll! A GDI commando is tasked with destroying an enemy base! Will he succeed?

About this episode: We all remember this mission. Heck, even though I haven’t played through it in a few years, I’m pretty sure I remember the exact route to take. You move up, shoot the guard, the second one starts running towards you so you have to shoot him fast. Then, you move up some more, shoot some guys, kill one behind a tree. Then, you have to turn the speed down on your game as you blow up the SAM site, otherwise you risk having half your health depleted as you try to kill the guy hiding in the SAM site. That little fucker was hard to target. Then, you hop in your fancy helicopter, only to cross a tiny piece of map, just to work your way farther and farther up north. Do I really need to continue? I hope this little bit of reminiscence has put a smile on your face. Fuck that buggy, though. Or that goddamn flamer that randomly decides to attack you if you’re accidentally within 20 tiles of it.

Anyway, I enjoyed making this video. There were times when I considered making a series just about the commando, but I figured that in some ways, every episode featured an individual character or a small group of characters, so it really wouldn’t be much different. You’d just be hearing a few more “Time to Rock and Roll” and “That was left-handed!” Because there’s no way I was going to voice that character myself. It wasn’t until the last goddamn episode of the fifth season that I finally found an excellent voice for the commando.

That Renegade intro was boss, though. I totally pulled that off.