Cartoon and Conquer – Non-Canon Strips

The following strips were created for various occasions and were not intended to be a part of the series.


Cartoon and Alliances


This strip was made during the early development of Tiberium Alliances.

At the time, Nod was not yet a playable faction.

Cartoon and Doodle


This short gag was a doodle done during a meeting.

It was drawn right after Cartoon and Conquer #64.

Cartoon and Ponder



This strip, published on the seventh anniversary was intended as a teaser for the planned Cartoon and Conquer: Pathfinder.

The calendar aside from the tank image, cake, and punch bowl were drawn for this teaser while everything else was copied from other strips.

Cartoon and Conquer: Pathfinder


This was the second of twenty planned pages of Cartoon and Conquer: Pathfinder, a new series set in the Generals universe.

The first page was never drawn, as the pages were going to be drawn chronologically and the second page is a flashback.

The new comic was cancelled due to the extreme amount of work that went into it.

Cartoon and Conquer: Direct & Dominate



This strip was made for the Direct & Dominate animated series.

Only the script was written new, all of the characters were taken from previous strips in the series.

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