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Renegade includes remakes of maps from the original C&C Renegade, plus some newly created maps made specifically for this game. Here’s a brief description of the maps.



The Field map is about as balanced a map as you can get. Hunt your enemy’s harvester to keep their finances low and then organize a frontal attack to overwhelm the base defenses, although be sure to keep an eye on the back tunnels . A quick strike group of three or four infantry can spell disaster.



**Description Soon**

Hourglass II


Hourglass requires coordination. It’s nearly impossible for a one-man assault to succeed, so you’ll need to work with your team to organize a massive surge to overwhelm your opponent. Any lone wolf will get ripped to shreds by the base defenses before they can do massive damage. No soloing here.



Islands has no base defenses and several paths in and out of a base, with dozens of sniper points and a series of underwater tunnels with semi-transparent walls. Neglect either the above ground vehicle paths or the underwater footpaths and your base will be toast before you can say “aloha!”



**Description Soon**

Mesa II


Mesa is another map where you’ll want to pound on your opponent’s harvester to keep finances low while organizing a deliberate and careful strike on their base. Often it is easier to get the power plant first, which will take the base defenses off-line, than it is to go for the base defenses themselves.



Volcano is another map without base defenses, but there are several routes to the enemy base and several key sniper points. The two sides share a common harvester point, in the belly of the volcano, which is where many tank rushes will come, but because of the small area in which to manoeuvre, this can easily become a bottleneck.



Walls plays fast and deadly, with no base defenses. The high ground in the middle is a prime sniper spot, but it’s also very easy for people to sneak up behind the snipers, so you’ll need to play cautiously but effectively to destroy your foe here.



**Description Soon**

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