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Download Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn
Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn is a separate from the multiplayer release.  You can download Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn from the link below.

Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn (abbreviated as “Black Dawn”) is a short single-player campaign released on February 28th, 2012. Black Dawn was released before the Renegade X multi-player version; several reasons for such decision were to test certain aspects of the game which could already be developed in the new engine, such as models, props and weapon handling; and considering an expansions of the game into the standalone territory, one being remastering the original Renegade campaign.

Black Dawn offers 10 campaign levels and 4 levels of difficulty that the player can choose from. Due to the short duration of the campaign, save and load function is not present in the game. After completion of the level, the player will be fully healed and usually given new weapons. Players can choose any campaign level from the level selection screen; for instance, should they get stuck on a level, they can skip it by going back to the menu and select the next level.



After discovering the base where the missing scientists Mobius and Sydney are being held by the Brotherhood of Nod, the Global Defense Initiative mounts a rescue operation, codenamed “Operation Black Dawn”, where they will attack the Nod island base under the cover of the night, only few hours before dawn.

In the game, the player will take control of captain Nick Parker – codename Havoc – and blast through waves of Nod Soldiers, destroy defensive Turrets and SAM Sites, drive GDI Vehicles and face Nod Vehicles, hold important positions, infiltrate a building, and lastly rescue the missing scientists.

Video Trailer

System Requirements


  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • 2.0+ GHz processor
  • 2 GB system RAM
  • SM3-compatible video card
  • 10 GB free hard drive space


  • Windows Vista 64bit SP2
  • 5.0+ GHz multi-core processor
  • 4 GB system RAM
  • NVIDIA 200 series of higher graphics card
  • 20+ GB free hard drive space

Game Controls

  • W/Up: Move forward
  • A: Strafe left/ Turn vehicle left
  • S/Down: Move backward
  • D: Strafe right/ Turn vehicle right

Double tap any directional key to perform an evasive manoeuvre in the designated direction (consumes stamina)

  • Mouse Movement Turn around/ Turn vehicle turret
  • Left Turn left/ Turn vehicle turret left
  • Right Turn Right/ Turn vehicle turret right
  • Space: Jump
  • C: Duck (double tap to assume a permanent crouching position until the key is pressed again)
  • LeftAlt: Walk
  • Shift: Sprint (consumes stamina, cannot sprint without it or while firing)/ Boost (Vehicles will move faster)
  • LeftMouseButton: Primary Fire
  • RightMouseButton: Secondary Fire (only applicable on weapons and Vehicles with alternate fire)
  • R: Reload
  • N: Night-vision (only applicable on the Sniper Rifle)
  • G: Swap weapon (can only switch primary weapons, and the player can only carry two of them)
  • MouseScrollUp: Switch to the previous weapon
  • MouseScrollDown: Switch to the next weapon
  • E: Use (used to enter/exit Vehicles, place C4, take keys)

Video Playthroughs


  • The main menu screen of Renegade X (the multiplayer release) features a similar gunboat docking bay seen in the intro cutscene in Black Dawn. There is a Hovercraft carrying a Mammoth Tank in the docking bay.
  • According to documents seen in the intro cutscene, Captain McFarland’s first name is revealed to be “Angus”.

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