GAMES: Renegade X – Beginner’s Guide


Renegade X is a game with a easy learning curve, but in order to be very effective, it counts towards having known the in and outs of the game. This guide will prepare new players on being effective.

Command & Conquer Mode: Basic Tutorial

Infantry Offensive Approach

When you first start a match, you are a default soldier that can chooses any weapon load-out to suit your play style. Soldiers are the primary infantry unit that can be effective taking on other units and some small vehicles. Killing the enemy infantry units buys your collector more time to gather resources and buy components early that can be easily depleted/destroyed. Offensive infantry units can fight above ground, but leave themselves open to vehicle fire, or they can fight below ground in the passageways of several levels, handling any infantry that may come their way.

  • This the recommended type of play early game so that more resources can be built up to purchase stronger equipment.
  • This play style also allows the player to take the “Lone Wolf Approach” focuses more on destroying enemy infantry and vehicles.

Infantry Stealth Approach

The stealth units in the game are able to move fast, cloak (Nod only). The stealth unit has extra resources essential to taking out building and low health infantry quickly. They are better suited for fighting below ground, considering their low range weapons and health. This allows them to sneak past the combat areas and destroy the nearest enemy building. This type of play is recommended mid-game where players are focused on vehicular combat as well as their own stealth operations.

  • This unit has low health but can fight off enemy units with a surprise attack.
  • This unit is suited for calling in air support, being able to get past combat where other’s can’t and defend points from afar.

Vehicular Defensive

Light vehicles can be used early as well as mid/late game which heavy vehicles such as expensive takes are recommended for mid/late game play. There are several pathways on levels that have the potential to be constantly bombarded with unit. The defensive vehicles on the battlefield have the job of protecting collectors and holding off the enemy from that position. There are several types of vehicles that can suit several play styles.

  • The player can go lone wolf, protecting the base by racking up as many kills as possible, keeping the enemy spending money for destroyed units. This can allow stronger/slower units to push the battle into the enemy base.

Vehicular Offensive Assault

The offensive assault uses the armour and strength of vehicles to push the battle towards the enemy base. Their goal is to keep moving rather than protect the base/collectors. Once they are close, they can bombard structures from a safe distance while the enemy is forced to spend resources on destroyed units.

  • Can be played as lone wolf, similar to the defensive play style.
  • Players can destroy several vehicles effectively with the help of an engineer and manoeuvring the battlefield.


The Engineer is an essential unit that repairs buildings and vehicles. They can work alongside other players on the battlefield give then the health advantage over other units. Engineers are the only unit, as of Open Beta 2, that can capture the extra structures on certain maps. This unit is recommended mid-game where trying to assault the enemy base. They will be needed for healing vehicles as well as damaged sustained from base attacks.

  • This unit has low health and combat ability, but can fight using their side-arm or explosive.
  • This unit is essential to insuring the survival of the base and capturing structures, giving players the advantage in warfare that the enemy will lack in certain situations.

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