Service Depot: Tiberium Alliances Tips & Tricks

Need some advise on strategy for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances? You’ve come to the right place! Check out these tips and tricks to get ahead in C&C:TA!

1. When attacking, do not focus on damaging the defenses but on damaging buildings in the base area (preferably blow up the construction yard). It’s the buildings that get you the big rewards, not the defense.

2. Join an alliance early. Attacking inside the alliance territory costs less command points, so being inside a larger territory gives you more targets to choose from.

3. Try to take down the construction yard with just a single attack whenever possible. Avoid NPC targets where you would need more than 2 attacks.

4. Top players are able to research the MCV and thus get a second base within a week. Make sure you build enough refineries (3-4 after 4 days) to get the credits needed for this.

5. Defense units only start moving once they see a target that they are specialized against. There are 2 ways of benefiting from this:

  • Focus on building only one unit type (e.g. vehicles) so many defenders do not move at all. Downside: Mixed armies are stronger and easier to repair
  • Use units as bait to have defense units move out of the way
  • Disable units of your army. They will not take part in the combat and therefor won’t attract some defense units. This will save repair time at the end of the battle.

6. When attacking a camp/base/outpost, most players focus on the Construction Yard – if the construction yard blows up the whole base blows up. But if it takes several attacks to do that, then it might be more efficient to just damage as many silos/harvesters as possible and then switch to a new target, such as the Defense Facilities.If the Defense Facilities are damaged or destroyed, the auto-repair in defense will be reduced or completed disabled in the following run.

7. Make sure you have your defense in place (one level below your offense) once the beginner protection ends. You can sell buildings/units to get free slots and resources quickly (90% of the costs of a unit are refunded when selling a unit).

8. When attacking a player, make sure you take him out in as few attacks as possible and as fast as possible. The support weapons of the attacked alliance will start focusing automatically on the attacked base, so the more time there is between the first and the last attack, the more damage they will deal to your troops.

9. If your base gets defeated, it is removed from the map and can be relocated elsewhere inside your alliance territory or in neutral territory. Think well before choosing your new position to avoid getting attacked again after relocating.

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