Service Depot: Recording Red Alert 2 Games

A neat feature in Red Alert 2 – you can get the game to record a “movie” of you playing! You can even get the game to replay that “movie”‘ – the “movie” file is very small (less than 200K in most instances) so it can easily be re-distributed as a demo of your mod (or even proof that you found something!).

  1. Run RA2 from the command prompt – click Start > Run then type the path to the RA2 directory. The default is C:\Westwood\RA2\RA2.EXE
  2. Add this switch to that command, so you type C:\Westwood\RA2\RA2.EXE -record
  3. Play a game for a short while, then abort and exit Red Alert 2.
  4. To play your movie, use this switch at the prompt again, C:\Westwood\RA2\RA2.EXE -play session.ipb

That’s it – you can now record your games and play them back! Note that SESSION.IPB is the default filename for the movie, subsequent movies are all in IPB format and are saved in the RA2 directory.

Written by DeeZire, creator of RA2 DeeZire.


This function is unreliable and does not record moves made by human players other than the person recording.


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