Service Depot: Dune 2000 Patch History

Always download the latest version of any patch for your game. Unless otherwise stated, each patch version contains all of the updates from any previous version.


Dune 2000 – Patch 1.06

Released on 17 December 1998

Fixes/Changes in 1.06

  • Improved ladder tracking and cheat checking.

New Features in 1.06

  • 10 new multiplayer maps.
  • 2 new terrain tile sets.
  • Updated unit data (balancing tweaks).
  • 3 new units which are available in multiplayer or practive mode.

The new unit descriptions are as follows :

House : Atreides
Requires : Barracks and AT Hi-tech Factory
Range : Medium
Speed : 10km/h
Armor : Light. Grenadiers are resistant to anti-tank weaponry, but very vulnerable to HE and bullet weapons.
Purpose : Grenadiers are cheap and effective anti-infantry units. They out-range light infantry and the grenades pack a heavy punch to other infantry. Their only weakness is the grenades they use which are fairly unstable and tend to detonate when the unit comes under fire, damaging all neighboring units (friend and foe).

House : Harkonnen
Requires : Barracks and HK Hi-tech Factory
Range : Medium
Speed : 15km/h
Armour : Medium. Sardaukar are resistant to anti-tank weaponry, but very vulnerable to HE and bullet weapons.
Purpose : The Sardaukar are the elite infantry of Dune, which is reflected in their cost. Only the Fremen can compete with them. Their weapons are effective against infantry and tanks. They are equipped with small mines that detonate if they are run over, damaging any tank that attempts to crush them.

House : Ordos
Requires : Light Factory and Ordos Hi-tech Factory
Range : Short
Speed : 90km/h
Armour : Light. Stealth raiders are vulnerable to most types of weapon, but high caliber guns are slightly less effective.
Purpose : The stealth raider is the ultimate scouting weapon. Although its fire power is weak, a pack of stealth raiders can be a real menace to all but the most careful of opponents. They are especially effective if used in conjunction with saboteurs (the stealth raider can clear the path of infantry guards).

Download d2k106dm.exe (4.7 MB)

Download d2k106fr.exe (4.7 MB)

Download d2k106it.exe (4.7 MB)

Download d2k106sp.exe (4.7 MB)

Download d2k106uk.exe (4.7 MB)

Download d2k106us.exe (4.7 MB)


Dune 2000 – Patch 1.03

Released on 28 October 1998


  • Overall network performance improved during internet multiplayer game.
  • Improved ladder tracking and cheat checking.
  • Removed text messages when player join or leave a channel.
  • Adjusted multi-player unit balancing.
  • Improved performance in Westwood On-line.
  • Additional in-game cheat monitoring added for multiplayer games.

New Features

  • Added Westwood On-line additional help and tool-tips.
  • Added ability to play in-game music during multiplayer and practice missions.
  • Added “draw” feature. Press “D” to offer a draw. To accept a draw press “D” before the message goes away.


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