Too Much C&C Top 5 List 2001 – Results

Below you will find the winners of our Too Much C&C; Top 5 List contest. Sorting through the 108 entries took along time and it was very hard to pick a winner. I wanted to send copies of Yuri’s Revenge to everyone but that simply was not possible. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. The winners have been notified by e-mail and their prizes will be sent to them soon.

Just to refresh your memory the prizes are:

  • 1st Place (Overall Winner) – 1 Copy of the RA2 Collectors Edition and Yuri’s Revenge (YR signed by the Dev Team, plus a C&C; mouse pad).
  • 2nd Place (Runner Up) – 1 Copy of Yuri’s Revenge.


1st place – Post Office (USA)

  1. You take a paper plate and spin it around your friend’s pocket, he asks what your doing and you say, “Stealing your credits with my floating disk.”
  2. You tie up 5 friends and give them shovels saying, “Let’s get these maggots to work!”
  3. The first thing you think of when you run out of change is to capture an oil derrick.
  4. You draw out a huge stratagy, one that no one could possibly stop, requiring hundreds of escorts. You friend looks at you and says, “We’re just going to the grocery store.”
  5. You dress up like a tree and throw red glitter at people.


2nd place – CrazyMunkey (USA)

  1. You walk into your room at night and say “Looking for clearing”.
  2. When you go to use the bathroom you say “let the juice flow!”
  3. You go around school saying “your mind is weak comrade” and “be one with yuri…”
  4. When you go to a public area and you dont know why people aren’t congratualting you on your victory against the number 5 ranked person last night.
  5. When teachers ask for your homework you say “never existed”.


Contest Credits

  • Thanks to Chris Rubyor at Westwood for supplying us with the prizes for this contest. Without their continued support this contest would not be happening.

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