C&C Remastered Collection Hotfix Released


As we reported yesterday, and as was to be expected considering the problem reports from around the entire community, the C&C Remastered Collection received a hotfix patch to resolve some of the issues that have arisen since last week’s major patch. Again, the team did not have much time to resolve all issues so they concentrated on the more critical ones. Here’s the full post from Jim that you can read while letting Steam/Origin auto-update the game:

Following the launch of last week’s patch, we heard about several key issues players were encountering during their experience. We didn’t want to leave the game with these issues, and have released a final update today to address several of the most prominent items. They include:

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle turrets were disappearing or sorting below the chassis
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles were drifting / sliding during their movement
  • Fixed an issue where certain fire animations were choppy or missing animation frames
  • Fixed an issue where the Attack Cursor was not always reflecting properly
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter units were not landing on the Helipad when using certain hotkeys
  • Fixed an issue where Turkey’s sub-faction bonus was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the intro cinematic was not playing when restarting custom missions
  • Fixed an issue where the gameplay would freeze when restarting custom missions
  • Fixed a crash (we hope) which was occurring when accessing the Options menu
  • Adjusted Harvester behavior:

    • Here is some context on the chain of events here. In the August patch, Harvesters would jam up around a single Refinery and often get stuck. We made a change in the September patch to encourage Harvesters to search for an open Refinery, but this was resulting in less desirable behavior where the Harvester would drive to a Refinery far away from their current resource field and become far less efficient.
    • So in this update, we attempted to make an adjustment based on community feedback. We have reverted the original change in the September patch, sending us back to jamming Harvesters. But Harvesters can now be re-assigned to a specific Refinery and will remember their assignment. So players who wish to optimize their resource harvesting can do so through attentive micro, and try to keep a balance of Harvesters on each Refinery at their nearest desired field. We hope this is an acceptable compromise.
  • Adjusted the implementation of the Church capture in Tournament Ore Rift

    • Our previous fix for this issue resulted in the behavior of making all neutral buildings non-capturable, which was negatively impacting the flexibility of User Maps. So we adjusted the fix for this to specifically prevent just the Church object (V01) from being capturable.
  • Removed “Canyon Pursuit” from the Tiberian Dawn Quickmatch pool
  • Removed “Electric Avenue” from the Tiberian Dawn Quickmatch pool

    • Both of these removals were originally requested by the community prior to the September patch, which is now possible with the addition of two new maps below.
  • Added “Tournament Middle Camp” community map into Tiberian Dawn and the Quickmatch pool
  • Added “Tournament Desert” community map into Tiberian Dawn and the Quickmatch pool

    • We also attempted to add several other community maps, but did not receive permission from their associated authors or had difficulty contacting them. We promised not to use community content without the authors’ permission and respect their decision.

Thanks for the support and patience as we worked through these items, and we’re eager to hear if this update improves your experience with the C&C Remastered Collection.


Jim Vessella