Throwback Thursday for 15th February

Throwback Thursday for 15th February

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In this week’s Throwback Thursday feature, we put the spotlight on one of the most badass, albeit rather seldom used infantry units from Tiberium Wars – the Black Hand Troopers. Members of the Black Hand were no longer the sneaky bastards like they were in Renegade – by the Third Tiberium War, they decided to drop all stealth and subtlety and go to right into the front of combat. Their members were now primarily armed with flamethrowers, decent black armour, and a cape just to be sure (wonder how it never caught fire?). The Black Hand subfaction in Kane’s Wrath had them trained as veteran from the Hand of Nod and was able to refit their flamethrowers with so-called Purifying Flames, a special flammable mixture infused with Tiberium. Also, in Kane’s Wrath, Black Hand Troopers were “permitted” to use Black Hand insignia on their chests instead of the regular Nod emblem. Sadly, in practice, they were mostly seen transported in Reckoners.

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