Join the CNCNZ Team

Are you ready to commit yourself to a life of all things Command & Conquer? Do you have the skills to lead the community into the future of C&C? Join the CNCNZ staff today!

Open Positions at CNCNZ:

► News Reporters

These are the front line operators of CNCNZ. Your job will be to search for the latest news around the C&C community and write concise news posts. These posts will appear on the front page for everyone to read. Strong English skills are a must, though don’t be discouraged if English isn’t your first language, as this is the case for many of our past news team members.

► Content Creators

Feel like being creative? We’re always looking for new content to post around the site. If you’d like to put together fan-art, videos, comics, music, or anything else that is related to Command & Conquer, we’d love to host your work. Additionally, if you’d like to host a mod project for your favorite C&C game, CNCNZ can organize a forum and space on our site to organize and promote your progress. We’ll do whatever we can to help your creativity thrive.


What We Expect From You

As a member of the CNCNZ team, we’d simply ask that you do your part in contributing to the site. To encourage regular content, we’ve adopted a policy of only keeping staff that contributes on a regular basis. If you want to help but you’re not sure how, just ask, and we’ll guide you on the right path. Every one of our current admins started with very simple jobs – in content creation, moderation, or basic news posting. If you’re committed to the team, you might find yourself in a position of leadership someday!


How To Apply

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