C&C Legos: Season 5 – Episode 2

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Description: Seth? There’s no way GDI stands a chance, now. I hope nothing happens to him.

About this episode: This was the last episode where I used the map concept in the beginning of the episode. My original intention was to have it at the beginning and end of each episode, and it would lead up to what the map looked like by the beginning of Tiberian Dawn, but in the end, I sort of pushed into the Tiberian Dawn timeline, and sort of forgot about the map concept altogether.

Seth was a prominent character in Tiberian Dawn, so I figured he should be involved in this series. I was extremely fortunate to be able to get a hold of Eric Gooch, the original actor who portrayed Seth, and he was more than happy to record some voices for this project. He stuck around, too, recording voices for three episodes, including the series finale, for which I was extremely grateful.

I actually tried to get many of the real actors to record voices, before just conceding and doing it myself. I sent emails and made phone calls to the agents representing Udo Kier (Yuri), Billy Dee Williams (C&C 3 Boyle), Michael Biehn (McNeil), and even called Joe Kucan himself, though I got his answering machine. Unfortunately, none of them replied, but I never really expected a response. It was certainly worth a try though! By the way, Joe, if you read this, you still owe me a video of you eating a bug.