C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 6

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Description: Aw, damnit. Yuri went and started his own faction, after I specifically hoped he wouldn’t!

About this episode: I really liked the intro video for the season. With the legos and the lightning and all, and then adding the Yuri Mind control. I think was the best one out of the entire series.

Considering there wasn’t a huge fight between the Allies and the Soviets in Yuri’s Revenge, I enjoyed having them sort of mess around with petty arguments and insults throughout the rest of the season. Obviously they still killed each other from time to time, but it was a fun idea to have a slight peace from time to time. Even as the Allies were sent back in time, they only had a verbal argument with the Reds outside the power plant. I can’t say the same for the ones inside, though.

Speaking of which, that little engineer battle scene was based on two things. The sound effects were borrowed from Red Alert: A Path Beyond, which is the standalone game that turns Renegade into Red Alert. The scene as a whole was based on a cute little comic:

(C) Gordon McVey 2006 – Rehosted because the original website is gone.

I expanded a little bit more on the concept, but ultimately, the idea came entirely from that simple little comic from many years before. I wonder what ever happened with the guy who made them. He only made like 15 of these things, but I never remember seeing him elsewhere around the community.