C&C Legos: Season 4 – Episode 2

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Description: Wow, a Seal and a Sniper! What an unnecessary combination!

About this episode: I liked this episode because I was trying as much as I could to branch off from the generic surface I had used for many years prior. I used at least three surfaces for the filming of this episode, being the top of my dresser, the top of that random table, and the top of the longer, white dresser running along the side of the room. I probably could have prepared a little bit more. You can see a few times in the background a bit of movement. I had pet rats at the time, and they didn’t like sitting still, especially so I could take some random pictures. Rats aren’t very stop-motion friendly.

Hahaha, I just watched the part where the spy is mind-controlled. That part makes me laugh every time I watch it, it’s almost like he’s being mind controlled to have a terrible hangover or something like that. It’s like his brain wants to vomit.

The episode ends so anticlimatically. “We’ve stopped Yuri… for now!” and the episode just ends. How silly.

And the return of GLA diaries. I personally didn’t care much for the GLA diaries, but people wanted their Generals fix, I guess. And, well, let’s be honest, they were pretty funny at times. I definitely enjoyed watching them blow themselves up, only to have a completely oblivious USA soldier drive by.