C&C Legos: Season 3 – Episode 5

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Description: GDI has found some Tiberium veins. They’re only veins, they only destroy huge vehicles. They can’t be THAT bad, right?

About this episode: This is honestly the first episode I made that I truly thought was getting some good quality comedy in. A lot of people disagree with me, and think that many of the older episodes were some of the better ones, and that I was losing touch with the new season, but honestly, I thought that from this point forward, things were just getting better and better.

The engineer cutting through the wire was a joke about some woman who was digging in Georgia (the country in Europe), and severed a cable, effectively ruining all of Armenia’s internet connection. It seemed funny at the time because there was a whole topic of conversation about it in the forums. It still seems funny to me now, I really like this episode. I’d say it’s my favorite episode of the season, but I have to give all the credit for that to the season finale.

This is the last episode I ever made in 3:4 format (somehow it stretched in post processing), and this is the last episode I made at 6 frames per second. Boy, those visceroids would have looked a lot better if I switched to 12 frames a little bit sooner.