C&C Legos: Season 2 – Episode 2

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Description: Somebody save Einstein! Wait… wasn’t that supposed to happen in the last mission?

About this episode: This episode is actually based on the first stop motion video I ever made, which was loosely based on Generals. It wasn’t the best video, but I mean, come on, it was my first one. I liked the plot though, so I tried to imitate it loosely for this. As soon as I can find that old thing, I’ll upload it here.

Tanya is supposed to rescue Einstein in the first Red Alert mission. This is not the first mission, and I couldn’t be bothered to voice Tanya again (ever), so this is what I came up with. I personally hated the fact that you needed more than one engineer to capture anything, which is why I sort of ignored that necessity for this mission. The spy was spot-on, though.