C&C Legos: Season 1 – Episode 3

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Description: This time, The Brotherhood of Nod is on the offensive! Will they succeed in their endeavors or will they be beat to dust?

About this episode: It’s about time Nod got their own mission. I think this was one of my favorites from the first season. I liked experimenting with “blood” and the concept of the sniper. Plus, it was the first musical medley of the series! Awesome, right? I mean, they built the hell out of that… whatever it was that they built! Not that they even used it. I mean, heck, it was supposed to be their base and they immediately left it behind.

I also find it funny that I took the time to mention the guards changing their posts, only to immediately choose a different course of action. I mean, their attack had nothing to do with the guard posts, as the missile was being prepped to launch anyway. Wait, since when does GDI have missiles? I suppose it could have been a satellite, but hell if I know. I was like 16 when I made this thing, I’m 24 now.

The guard tower was a fun little pincushion throughout the season. I never picked on a unit or structure as much as I picked on the guard tower. Eventually, I did the same thing with the ranger in the fourth season.