GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge – Yuri’s Pyschic Army: New Units


The base infantry unit of Yuri’s army, Initiates use the power of their minds to do damage. Like GIs and Conscripts, Initiates can garrison civilian buildings.

Yuri’s Engineers are identical to those of the Allied and Soviet armies.


Yuri’s anti-tank infantry unit is the Brute, a genetically engineered monstrosity designed to crush everything that blocks its path. Dogs will avoid Brutes and will not attack them.

This deadly infantry unit is equipped with a long-range rifle, capable of slaughtering any infantry unit with a single strike. Worse, the victim is killed not with a bullet but with a powerful toxin that leaves a dangerous residue that damages other infantry units unfortunate enough to walk through the poisonous cloud left by a Virus’s victim.

yuri_cloneYuri Clone
Defenceless in the traditional sense, this unit is equipped with a powerfully altered brain that allows it to take control of almost any enemy unit. While Miners, Attack Dogs, Master Minds,Yuri Clones, hero units and any flying unit are immune to the power of the Yuri Clone, all others are susceptible to being taken over by this unit and added to Yuri’s war effort. When confronted by masses of infantry units, a Yuri Clone can deploy and create a massive Psi Wave, damaging or killing nearby infantry. This unit is identical to the Yuri Clone possessed by the Soviet Army in Red Alert 2.

yuri_primeYuri Prime
Yuri’s answer to Tanya and Boris is Yuri himself. Seated on a massive flying chariot, Yuri Prime is a much more capable and deadly version of the Yuri Clone. Like the other heroes, Yuri Prime cannot be crushed by vehicles, regenerates automatically and is immune to mind control. Like his clones, Yuri Prime can control most vehicles and enemy infantry units, as well as most enemy structures, even turning enemy defences to his nefarious will. Additionally, Yuri is equipped with an improved Psi Wave attack that instantly kills infantry in its area of effect and even damages units outside of the immediate blast radius. Yuri Prime is in greater control of this effect than his clones are; when he uses his Psi Wave attack, he does not damage allies.

lasher_tankLasher Tank
The Lasher Tank is Yuri’s base tank unit, comparable to the Allied Grizzly and the Soviet Rhino. Like its counterparts, it is designed to attack and defend against enemy armour.

chaos_droneChaos Drone
When deployed, this small vehicle releases clouds of hallucinatory toxins that drive enemies berserk. Berserk units’ attack power is greatly magnified and they will automatically target friendly units before they attack enemies.

gattling_tankGattling Tank
As the Allies have Prism technology and the Soviets use Tesla items, Yuri’s engineers have developed Gattling weapons. The Gattling Tank is equipped with twin 50-caliber machine guns that spin rapidly, spitting out hordes of deadly shells that rip through both infantry and aerial units in just a few moments. A unique feature of these weapons is that the longer they fire, the faster the barrels spin and the more damage the weapons cause. Because of this, Gattling Tanks are most useful in prolonged fire-fights.

mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
Yuri’s MCV is identical to that possessed by both the Allies and Soviets, except that when deployed, it creates Yuri’s Construction Yard.

When deployed against vehicles, this unique weapon unleashes a powerful magnetic force that levitates the enemy vehicle, pulling it toward Yuri’s forces where it can be mind controlled with impunity. Additionally, the Magnetron can deal significant damage to structures by firing an intense magnetic beam at buildings. The main drawback of the Magnetron is that it is virtually defenceless against enemy infantry, having no effective weapon against them and no way to drag them closer.

mastermindMaster Mind
Another extension of Yuri’s mind control technology, the Master Mind vehicle is capable of safely mind controlling a large group of enemy units at a time. However, this unit can’t stop itself from mind controlling additional enemy units. Exceeding its unit limit causes the device to break down and self-destruct, releasing all of its formerly captured units.

foating_discFloating Disc
The Floating Disc is a capable unit, able to throw any enemy base into serious disarray. Its small laser is effective against infantry units, including Allied Rocketeers, and can also cause damage to both vehicles and structures. More significantly, if placed over an enemy Power Plant, the Floating Disc immediately powers down the entire base. Floating Discs can also be stationed over enemy Refineries, drawing credits away to feed Yuri’s war effort. A Floating Disc placed over any defensive structure that requires power effectively shuts off that structure.

hover_transportAmphibious Transport
Yuri’s Amphibious Transports are identical to those possessed by both the Soviet and Allied armies.


boomerBoomer Submarine
Like Soviet Typhoon Subs, the Boomer is a stealth unit, capable of closing in on an enemy position without being spotted. Against other naval foes, the Boomer is capable of launching deadly torpedoes. However, it is their ballistic missiles, which are used against land targets, that make the Boomer such a deadly foe.

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