GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge – Yuri’s Psychic Army: New Structures


construction_yard_yuriConstruction Yard
Yuri’s Construction Yard is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it builds Yuri’s other structures.

bio_reactorBio Reactor
The Bio Reactor is Yuri’s main power source. In times of energy shortage infantry units can be placed inside a Bio Reactor. Each one will significantly increase the size of the power output. The infantry can be deployed from the Bio Reactor at any time, and are released if the Bio Reactor is destroyed.

slave_minerSlave Miner
Rather than using a standard miner, Yuri’s forces depend on the Slave Miner for their economy. The entire structure moves next to a mining site and deploys, releasing Slaves to gather ore for processing. When mobile, damaged Slave Miners auto-repair, and when deployed, the structure can be repaired by sending an Engineer into it. Any Slaves killed by enemy action are automatically replaced by the Slave Miner.

Yuri’s Barracks is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it allows the production of Yuri’s infantry units.

war_factoryWar Factory
Yuri’s War Factory is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it allows the production of Yuri’s vehicles.

sub_penSubmarine Pen
Yuri’s Submarine Pen is identical to the Allied and Soviet Naval Yards except that it allows the production of Yuri’s Hover Transports and Boomer Submarines.

psychic_radarPsychic Radar
Yuri’s Psychic Radar has all of the powers of the Psychic Sensor formerly used by the Soviet Army. When placed, it indicates the target of enemy attacks within its area of effect. Yuri’s engineers have souped-up the device significantly, allowing it to operate as Yuri’s radar as well. When placed, the Psychic Radar immediately begins developing the Psychic Reveal technology.

psychic_revealPsychic Reveal
Not truly a structure or a unit, this ability is created with the placing of a Psychic Radar. When fully charged, the Psychic Reveal allows Yuri to uncover a sizeable radius of the shroud, much like the Soviet Spy Plane.

Thanks to his Psychic technology, Yuri often finds himself with a number of captured units he’d rather recycle than use. The Grinder was designed with this idea in mind. When placed, the Grinder allows for the recycling of any vehicle or infantry unit currently under Yuri’s control. Any unit sent into the Grinder is destroyed instantly, refunding all or part of the production cost of the unit.

battle_labBattle Lab
Yuri’s Battle Lab allows for the production of advanced units and structures, much like the Battle Lab of the Allies and Soviets.

citadel_wallCitidel Walls
Yuri’s Citadel Walls are similar to the Walls used by the Soviet and Allied armies. They are designed to protect vulnerable and fragile structures.

tank_bunkerTank Bunker
When placed, this structure has no method of defence on its own. However, any turreted vehicle except a Magnetron can be garrisoned inside the Tank Bunker, giving it both added defences and additional fire-power.

gattling_cannonGattling Cannon
This defensive structure operates on the same principles as the Gattling Tank, with sustained fire causing additional damage and mayhem. This weapon is always effective at ripping through infantry, regardless of the speed at which the cannons are spinning.

psychic_towerPsychic Tower
The Psychic Tower automatically mind controls the first several units that come within range of it, turning them against their former friends. These units are fully controllable and can be sent into battle or to the Grinder. Once it controls its maximum number of units, the Psychic Tower is otherwise defenceless against assaults.

cloning_vatsCloning Vats
Each time a new infantry unit is created at a Barracks, a duplicate is produced for free at the Cloning Vats.


genetic_mutatorGenetic Mutator
The first of Yuri’s super weapons is the Genetic Mutator. When fully charged and deployed, this device turns all enemy units in its area of effect into Brutes. Both friendly and enemy units are affected by the Genetic Mutator, and all created Brutes fall under the control of Yuri. Attack Dogs and any beasts (including Dolphins and Giant Squids) are not changed into Brutes by the Genetic Mutator – they are simply killed.

psychic_dominatorPsychic Dominator
When fully charged and deployed, this weapon causes a massive burst of psychic energy that turns all units in the area of effect into units under Yuri’s control. These new additions to Yuri’s army can then be turned on their former friends or sent back to Yuri’s base for a trip to the Grinder or Bio Reactor. Units normally immune to mind control, and garrisoned units, are immune to the effects of the Psychic Dominator. Once a unit is captured by the Psychic Dominator, it can never be mind controlled again. The Dominator’s psychic bursts also damage nearby structures.

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