GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge – Allies: New Units


a_tanyaAllied Hero: Tanya
Tanya has been improved and is now very deadly. Not only can she blow up structures and ships, but now she can plant C4 onto vehicles. Tanya is immune to psychic control and can not be crushed by vehicles, except by one special new unit, the Allied Battle Fortress. Be warned though, as only one Tanya can be trained at a time.

guardian_giGuardian GI
Like a normal GI, the Guardian GI fires a powerful machine gun from a standing position. When deployed, the Guardian GI can not be crushed and switches to a powerful anti-tank weapon that is effective against vehicles and aircraft. Guardian GIs cannot be used to garrison structures.

a_navysealNavy SEAL
Equipped with a high-powered machine gun, SEALs are excellent against enemy infantry and can defend themselves against vehicles as well. Like Tanya, SEALs use C4 charges to detonate enemy structures.

robot_tankRobot Tank
The main strength of the Robot Tank is that it cannot be mind controlled because there is no human driver on-board this assault vehicle. Robot Tanks hover, allowing them to cross water. The ability to create Robot Tanks is granted with the construction of a Robot Control Center. These cease to function if they have low/no power.

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