GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances – Nod: Offensive Units


The Militant squad is the basic infantry of the Brotherhood. Equipped with light rifles, they are the basic anti-infantry unit of the Nod army.


n_rocketsquadRocket Squad
The Rocket Squad is the basic anti-tank unit of the Nod army. While they are slower than the basic militant, they will attack any vehicle that stands in their way.


n_blackhandBlack Hand
The Black Hand is a step up from the Rocket Squad, being an armored anti-tank unit. Equipped with flame throwers, they will cook a tank until it bursts, allowing the rest of your units to pass.


If she’s anything like the GDI counterpart, the Nod Commando is a structure busting woman of power. Unfortunately, you’ll have to defend her from attacks, especially by infantry, but what she lacks in small arms fire, she makes up for in heavy explosives. She may not have stealth, but at least she has a nice red glow!


Similar to the GDI Sniper Squad, the Nod Confessors are a lightly armored infantry capable of eliminating enemy infantry quickly and efficiently while maintaining a safe distance. Unfortunately, they’re pretty much weak against anything else.


n_raiderRaider Buggy
Strangely, the Raider Buggy has been determined to be an anti-structural vehicle, similar to the Pitbull. Oddly enough, it is a fast moving unit that is not very effective against infantry units, but instead, you’ll be sending it up against Predator tanks and using it to destroy walls.


The Reckoner is a fast anti-infantry vehicle that compares to the Guardian. While it trades armour for speed, it is a tough opponent for enemy soldiers on the field. Make sure you send some Raiders to support it.


n_scorpionScorpion Tank
The Scorpion Tank is the punch of the Nod military. Capable of busting walls, vehicles, and buildings, the Scorpion is an armoured assault on tracks.


While slow, the Specter will decimate enemy armour. You may want to place this at the back of your attack as it will slow everything down that stands behind it, but once it makes it to the enemy, your opponents will bow down as it crushes everything in its path.


Everyone’s favourite Robot in Tiberium Wars, the Avatar is the only real threat that compares to the Mammoth tank. Featuring a powerful laser, the Avatar will eliminate anything that stands in it’s path, armoured or not. Send this in a group of Avatars, and your defending opponent will more than likely lose his territory to you.


Nod has a tough field of air units as well. The Cobra is the basic anti-tank aircraft that will zip over most defenses, assaulting any vehicles that stand in its way. While your ground units are still dealing with frontal defences, the Cobra can easily make it to the back of the base for a last minute assault, leaving the enemy base damaged as well.


Upgrading the Cobra, the Vertigo Bomber skips the defenses and flies straight to the enemy base, decimating their structures and claiming their resources. A few of these over an unguarded base and the territory will be yours very quickly.


The Venom is a fast moving Anti-Infantry unit. If you’re worried about enemy Missile Squads assaulting your vehicles, send in a Venom first, and clear them out of the way.


The Nod Salamander, making it’s debut in Tiberium Twilight, is now at your disposal here in Tiberium Alliances. While it may be in it’s early stages of development here (considering the chronology of the series), that doesn’t change it’s power and ability. Feel like destroying a base completely and entirely? Well if you can save up the money and research points, this aircraft will do the job for you. For those of you who weren’t Twilight fans, compare this to the GDI Kodiak.

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