GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances – Nod: Defenses


A basic defensive structure, the wall is specifically meant to stop opposing units dead in their tracks. It will essentially delay the enemy from advancing, while your units can attack them from behind your wall if they’re within range.

n_laserfenceLaser Fence
Where GDI has barbwire, Nod has Laser Fencing. This deadly light wall will quickly eliminate any enemy infantry that dare pass through. If they’re not dead, they’re well on their way.

n_antitankAnti-Tank Barrier
The Anti-Tank Barrier is essentially Nod’s caltrop, protecting their base from light and heavy vehicles alike. Any vehicle that passes over the barrier is severely damaged, and in some cases, destroyed.

n_laserturretLaser Turret
Instead of using infantry, Nod has opted to use a Laser Turret instead of a machine gun. Because of this, it is likely that structure-busting firepower will be necessary to defeat it, as opposed to the usual infantry-killing fire that is needed to eliminate the GDI and Forgotten machine guns.

n_blackhandBlack Hand
The Black Hand is the powerful anti-tank infantry of the Brotherhood. When any incoming tanks approach, they’ll fry the tank with their flamethrowers, destroying it, along with the driver inside.

The Nod Militants are the main anti-infantry defense of the Brotherhood. Efficient and cheap, they are a powerful defence against all incoming infantry, without causing a huge loss of resources to the Nod base to maintain them.

n_rocketsquadRocket Squad
The Rocket Squad is a basic and cheap anti-air defence for the Nod base. As an added bonus, they also defend against ground armor, but they’ll reposition themselves in order to shoot down any incoming aircraft.

n_scorpionScorpion Tank
If you want a good, strong, mobile defence against incoming armor, the Scorpion tank is the perfect unit to use. It serves as an anti-tank weapon, and it will actively reposition to engage incoming vehicular threats.

The Reckoner is the anti-infantry defence of Nod. It is fast moving and will quickly move across the defensive line to eliminate any incoming soldiers, and in some cases, light vehicles.

n_raiderbuggyRaider Buggy
The Raider Buggy is being used defensively as an anti-air unit. It will engage incoming vehicles and possibly infantry, but it’s intended purpose is to eliminate aircraft, much like the Pitbull.

n_beamcannonBeam Cannon
he Beam Cannon takes the form of a structure in this case. It is a very powerful structure that combines the turret of three beam cannon tanks to form a powerful beam meant for assaulting and destroying vehicles and tanks.


n_obeliskObelisk Artillery
The Obelisk is a long range anti-vehicle structure. Stronger than the Beam Cannon, the Obelisk has a minimum range, and will likely destroy any vehicles before they have a chance to get too close.


n_shredderShredder Turret
Nod has turned the Shredder Turret into a powerful long-range anti-infantry machine. It does to infantry what the Obelisk does to tanks, and because of its elevation and power, it too has a minimum range.



n_samsiteSAM Site
The SAM site is a mounted turret based missile system which protects a vast portion of the base with a powerful anti-air defence. It will defend you from even the most powerful air attacks.



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