GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances – GDI: Offensive Units


g_riflemenRifleman Squad
The rifleman squad is the basic infantry element. Recruit one of these units, and use them to attack enemy infantry. They are strong against all infantry units, and they are weak against anything with a machine gun or any form of artillery.


g_missilemenMissile Squad
The missile squad, when on offense, is a basic anti-tank unit. Send it to destroy enemy tanks, but be wary of any enemy infantry or machine guns, as these units are really susceptible to enemy fire of this sort.


g_zonetroopsZone Troopers
Zone Troopers are armoured anti-tank units. Capable of withstanding a bit more enemy fire, these units can brave machine guns for a bit longer, and they can pack a powerful punch to destroy vehicles and defenses to clear the way for more units in your next wave of attacks.


The Commando is a one-man killing machine. Meant as a structure buster, the commando can withstand a significant amount of fire-power, while at the same time, he is capable of quickly eliminating infantry-based defenses and can sneak through to destroy an enemy base.


g_sniperSniper Team
These guys are slow, they have very little in the name of defense, and they’re quite costly to upgrade, but they out-range all enemy infantry and can pave the way for your other units to move in for the attack. Sniper teams will eliminate enemy infantry quickly, and they’ll usually stay out of the war-zone until their path is clear.


A basic rocket vehicle, the Pitbull is a significant threat on the battlefield. While weak against enemy infantry, the Pitbull is a master at destroying enemy vehicles and structures alike. Vehicles are a formidable prey for the Pitbull, and any walls will barely slow you down if you have a few of these units driving around.


The Guardian is a speedy anti-infantry unit that zips up close to the battlefield. While it has little in the name of armour, the Guardian is strong against basic infantry. Good luck sending it against anti-tank infantry, but if there aren’t any around, you’re pretty safe with this unit.


The Predator is a slower, yet stronger anti-tank and anti-structure vehicle. It’s probably a good idea to send these guys in last, because you’re better off using them to finish off enemy structures, after your weaker units have taken care of the enemy defenses. These guys have quite a lot in the name of fire-power, and when levelled up, they form a strong team.


While it may be slow, the Juggernaut provides a very strong offense to opposing structures. Not to be used as a front line of attack, the Juggernaut is best off staying in the back, lest you want to slow down your entire attacking line. No, this unit is definitely best at destroying the enemy base after you’ve cleaned out his defenses.


g_mammothMammoth Tank
If you can afford to raise just one of these, you have yourself a powerful attacking unit. The Mammoth Tank is a powerful anti… well… anti-everything unit. Watch your enemy run for cover as you roll a few of these out, destroying all of his defenses and base in a steady mammoth attack. While you should probably send a few units to help start your attack, don’t be surprised if the Mammoth decimates the base in their footsteps.


Planning on an air-raid? The Paladin is a tough anti-tank aircraft that is ideal for attacking a base left without anti-air units. It can fly over most enemies, attacking them on the way, and it is a decent offense against the structures in the back of the base while most of the battle is still happening on the defensive line. A few of these, and you’ve got a strong offensive line.


A step up from the Paladin ,the Firehawk is capable of delivering a more powerful bomb attack that will cripple enemy structures in the base. Send a few of these fast flyers into enemy territory, and you’ll be left wondering why your resources have suddenly been boosted, and why the enemy base is a heaping mess.


Yes, the classic Orca. If you feel like harassing enemy infantry units from the sky, this is the perfect unit for you. A fast aircraft as well, the Orca will swoop in and mow down the infantry with its powerful weapons, and then be gone just as quickly.


Feel like going all out? If you can gather the resources and research to afford this, you’re pretty much set for the rest of the game. The Kodiak, flown by Captain McNeil in the second Tiberium War, is now at your disposal to destroy… well… everything. The Kodiak, an anti-everything aircraft, is the strongest unit available, and if you feel like sitting back and watching your money do your work for you, then this is the aircraft to spend it all on.


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