GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun – The Forgotten Units


ghostalkerGhostalker (GDI)
Ghostalker carries a small rail gun and is armed with C4 charges. His rail-gun has the ability to shoot through multiple targets at once, eliminating rows of enemies in a single hit. Ghostalker’s C4 ability can be used to destroy any enemy structure when a C4 icon appears. Left-clicking will send Ghostalker to the building and once he touches it, it will flash for a few seconds then explode. Like all mutant units, Ghostalker can heal in Tiberium.

mutant_hijackerMutant Hijacker (Nod)
Another of the mutant commandos, the hijacker has the ability to commander any vehicle he wishes. When the hijacker is selected and the cursor is placed over and enemy vehicle, the cursor becomes and ¨enter¨ cursor to signify that the vehicle can be stolen. Clicking on a vehicle when the cursor is in this stage sends the hijacker to the unit to steal it. Once a vehicle is stolen, the hijacker cannot be removed until the vehicle is destroyed. When it is, he pops out and is able to steal another vehicle. Like all mutant units, the mutant hijacker can heal in Tiberium when he is not inside a vehicle.

The Mutant Sniper, named Umagon, is the leader of the commando team. Armed with a sniper rifle she is able to pick off most infantry with one shot and an incredible range. However, here weapon does very little damage against armoured units like tanks. She is most effective when teamed up with Ghoststalker. Umagon is as tough as she is beautiful, moving swiftly among the shadows, commanding respect from those around here. She can not be trained like normal infantry.

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