GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun – Nod Situation


The Brotherhood of Nod, previously believed to be only a small terrorist operation, are now considered to be the most powerful and well-equipped organization out there. Their have considerable economic and political strength allows them to secretly purchase military hardware.

During the first Tiberium war, Nod’s leader Kane, battled the Global Defense Initiative for control of the alien mineral Tiberium. Things didn’t go well for The Brotherhood, and they were not successful. Kane was believed to be killed when the Temple of Nod was destroyed.

Twenty years have passed, and Nod has moved underground to build up their forces. Assuming the role of the leader is Hassan, and The Brotherhood plans on making a second attempt at taking control of the Tiberium. But, there is some turbulence within The Brotherhood, as it is rumoured that Kane has survived, and he has quite a backing. Before they can start the attack on GDI, they will first have to settle their differences. And Nod doesn’t settle it’s differences over a cup of tea…

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